Blast Theory: Uncle Roy All Around You (2003)

Equally on-site & online
On the safe side
Dive in deep
Hardly any tech
You had to be there

Uncle Roy All Around You is a game where physical and online players have one shared mission: find Uncle Roy. The physical players are on the streets of a city. The virtual players move through a virtual translation of that same city. They have access to important details about Uncle Roy’s location that the physical players do not have. Instead, the physical players receive text and audio messages from online players via a handheld computer. They have 15 minutes to find Uncle Roy. Online players can choose to help or to hinder them.

With the city as a playing field, Uncle Roy All Around You is a form of urban gaming and interactive storytelling. It was first performed in London in 2003.

A more detailed description of the game can be found here.


Uncle Roy All Around You is a collaboration between Blast Theory and the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, with support from British Telecom, an Innovation Award from the Arts & Humanities Research Board, Equator and the Interdisciplinary Arts Department of Arts Council England through the National Touring Programme.