The Infinite Conversation – a Hybrid Event in the Dark (2022)

Equally on-site & online
Taking some chances
Join in... a bit
Nothing fancy
Quite privacy aware
You had to be there

Introduction of the Infinite Conversations experience (in combination with the work Garden of Ghost Flowers) at STRP festival 2022

At one of the live events at STRP festival 2022 the artists Lundahl & Seitl created the experience ‘Infinite Conversations’ – a hybrid event in complete darkness. In this space, guided by invisible hosts, microphones captured discussions of onsite visitors that were broadcast online for the virtual visitors. At the same time, online visitors could also contribute their voices to the onsite space. The experience took for the form of a listening and sharing session in the dark and contributed to a wider, infinite number of conversations.

This work is based on the “The Infinite Conversation” – part of the Performance Exhibition series at Magasin 3 curated by Richard Julin.

“It’s interesting, in silent it feels like I dissapear, but in a normal event I’m present with my body. This means like you become anonymous. It is like I’m only existing when I’m talking”

Anonymous participant at STRP festival 2022

This innovative approach revolved around the immersive experience of visitors, shaping the exhibition space through their embodied voices and interactions. Visitors embarked on a sensory adventure as they passed into a dark space, guided by voices and engaging in profound dialogues. The work’s fluidity allowed it to adapt to different environments and shape-shift when placed in different contexts (from Magasin 3 to a STRP festival space).


  • Lundahl & Seitl – artists
  • 2011 performance at Magasin 3, curated by Richard Julin
  • 2022 hybrid performance at STRP festival, curated by Nadine Roestenburg.