Liza Bear and Keith Sonneir: Send/Receive Satellite Network (1997)

Equally on-site & online
Taking some chances
Dip a toe in
Hardly any tech
You had to be there
September 11, 1977 Dancer Nancy Lewis (left) in New York, interacting via CTS satellite with dancer Margaret Fisher (right) in San Francisco. Photo by Gwenn Thomas.

Send/Receive Satellite Network was a collaborative video programme organised by Liza Bear and Keith Sonneir. It took place in 1977. The project centres on two-way telecommunication and was the first ever interactive satellite transmission organised by artists. Participants included dancers, visual artists, video/filmmakers and musicians, who took part in both verbal interactions and non-verbal performances transmitted via satellite between New York and San Francisco.

“Looking at the tape, you feel the suspense of waiting for a connection–for the first live feed from San Francisco and, a bit later, anticipating the split screen that would show dancers Margaret Fisher and Nancy Lewis, echoing  each other’s moves side by side on the screen, a highlight of the afternoon.”

Liza Béar, via Castelli)

Send/Receive exhibits a shallower form of hybridity. The performance takes place in two remote locations. Participation is limited to the participants who are on-site in these two locations.


  • Produced by: Liza Bear, Keith Sonnier, and Sharon Grace, with La Mamelle/Artists Television Access
  • Participating artists, NASA/Ames Research Center, Mountain View: Margaret Fisher, Terry Fox, Sharon Grace, Carl Loeffler, Richard Lowenberg, and Alan Scarritt
  • Participating artists, Lower Manhattan: Liza Bear, Willoughby Sharp, Keith Sonnier, Richard Landry, Nancy Lewis, Richard Peck, Betty Sussler, Paul Shavelson, and Duff Schweninger
  • NASA/Ames public relations sponsor: Brad Gibbs
  • Set photographers: Jackie Winsor and Dickie Landry.