Raumklang (2023)

Mostly on-site
Wildly experimental
Dive in deep
Tech overload

Raumklang is a hybrid installation that was presented at STRP festival 2023. In the site-specific part of the project, you explore a spatial 3D sound experience where virtual sound objects are triggered when you move pass them. While doing so, you create a trail, a unique soundtrack of your movements. Visitors wear special backpacks with tracking technology (see video).

Visitors online can follow a trail of a visitor on-site. In this way, the visitor on-site takes you on a tour. The trail is beautifully mapped in a 3D scan of the physical space.

“The way you hear sound is determined by the space you’re in, hence the importance of a concert hall’s acoustics. But what if you can experience a space through sound?”

STRP website


  • Zeno van den Broek, composer and artist.
  • Robin Koek (NL), sound artist.
  • Raumklang is co-produced by V2_Lab & CCU and supported by Creative Fund NL & AIAIAI.