Liquid Learning (2020-)

Equally on-site & online
Dip a toe in
Hardly any tech
Don\'t care either way

“The future is liquid – and education should be too.”

This is how IE University in Spain is announcing its Liquid Learning method.

You might call it an in-between approach to education. IE University believes that narrow studies with fixed curriculums and traditional structures are outdated. They are convinced that learning does not only happen within school walls but also in conversations with friends or virtual spaces. Therefore, the university combines physical and virtual environments for students. In Liquid Learning classes, some students attend physically and others online. Teachers use whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations that are viewable to all students. There are polls and breakout rooms to engage and support all participants. Their online library virtual space has fixed study session times where students can also chat with a librarian.

Here you can find more information.