Ali Eslami and Mathilde Renault: Eclipse (2021)

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Pushing some boundaries
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With the interactive exhibition Eclipse in Tetem, artists Ali Eslami and Mathilde Renault explore new forms of human connection in virtual worlds.

Eclipse is an interactive, hybrid exhibition that could be experienced via Virtual Reality at the physical exhibition space of Tetem in Enschede, and online via Twitch. In the VR world ‘False Mirror’ visitors could embody three different entities: Alless, a being who leans towards order; Lena, a fluid form inclined to chaos; or an observing and overseeing bird. Via Twitch, online participants could also crawl into the (feathered) skin of this bird personage. The characters can’t actually see each other, but they can see traces of each other’s presence.

“This new chapter of False Mirror is playfully designed to blur the borders between physical and virtual and it is intended as a common online and offline space within which people can share a social virtual experience and dreaming out loud together!”

Ali Eslami


  • Director: Ali Eslami
  • Co-director: Mathilde Renault
  • Production: Ali Eslami namens ALLLESSS
  • Technical artist: Alap Parikh
  • Designer: Rein Blank, Maisa Imamovic, Barthélémy Vielle
  • Developer: Ali Eslami, Alap Parikh
  • Music: Shahin Entezami
  • Sound Design: Shahin Entezami
  • Film Research: Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh
  • Screening copy: Ali Eslami namens ALLLESSS